DITA, Int/Adv Contemporary Tech w/GVSU Dance Major Tayler Tucker

FullSizeRender (3)Join us in welcoming GVSU dance student Tayler Tucker to DITA
Saturday April 16th
Wealthy Theatre Annex
1110 Wealthy St SE
Grand Rapids, MI
Suggested donation $5-$10
For Int/Adv dancers ages 16+
Contact [email protected] for more information

The exploration in this modern based class is to understand the function and fluidity of the joints when moving in and out of the floor. To understand this fluidity and flow we will experiment with the rotation of each joint as well as the differences in feeling caused by weight shift in different directions and planes of space. The ideas of fall and recovery will be touched on as well as personal exploration within the self to understand energy and its movement within the body.

Tayler Tucker has studied at Grand Valley State University for the last four years working on her degree as a dance performer, teacher and creator. Wrapping up her final semester, she is now beginning to develop her style and quirks as a dance creator and facilitator. Having studied with Amy Wilson, Shawn T. Bible, Lara Tinari, Sophie Clemmenson and many others, the culmination of methods learned are manifesting themselves into her style as she begins her endeavor in teaching peers in the career field as well as in the community.