DITA, Falling and Rolling with guest artist Kristi Faulkner

Join us in welcoming Kristi Faulkner / Kristi Faulkner Dance
Falling and Rolling
Sunday March 24th, 2019
4-5:45 pm
Meijer-Royce Center for Dance
341 Ellsworth Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Class Description: Falling and Rolling

Explore sensation and surrender while learning to make friends with gravity. Dance is physics – we will explore the ways in which momentum and surface area can help us achieve efficiency moving in and out of the floor. While maintaining a continuous flow of energy and efficient use of muscle tone, we will hover on the edges of suspension and surrender to impulse.

Kristi Faulkner is the Director of Kristi Faulkner Dance – a queer-identified contemporary dance company based in Detroit that dares to be different. Performing everywhere from warehouses to community centers, from museums to the middle of the street, Faulkner believes in making dance accessible and empowering audiences to connect with their world. Her work has been commissioned and presented throughout Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Kentucky and New York. Faulkner is a 2018 Maggie Allesee Choreography Award finalist for “Women’s Work” and a 2016 finalist for “OBject/obJECT”. She received the 2017 MCACA New Leader Award. Her winning Knight Arts Challenge project to engage and inspire LGBTQ youth through performance and storytelling titled “Not In My House” premiered October 2018. KristiFaulknerDance.com

$17 Advanced General
$15 Advanced Professional/Dance Educator
$13 Seasonal advanced ($65)
Pre-registration provided by ArtPeers: https://artpeers.org/pre-registration/
Day of Class
$20 Drop-in
For dancers 16+ years old ~ for more information contact Amy Wilson at [email protected]