DITA, Int/Adv Afro Modern, w/Dasan Mitchell

Join us in welcoming Dasan Mitchell 
Int/Adv Afro Modern Technique
Sunday November 18, 2018
4-5:45 pm
Grand Rapids Ballet
341 Ellsworth Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
$17/$15 Professional/Dance Educator
$13 Pre-registration provided by ArtPeers:https://artpeers.org/pre-registration/
For dancers 16+ years old ~ for more information contact Amy Wilson at [email protected]

Class Description: Afro-Modern
The Katherine Dunham Technique is used as the foundation of this class. Students will explore both classical modern and contemporary movement through an African Diaspora lens. Finding clarity in movement and rhythm is achieved in this class through a series of foundational movement sequences and fully embodied movement. The students of this class will allow themselves to activate the mind, body, and spirit.

Dasan Mitchell:
Dasan Mitchell has trained and studied at Wayne State University, receiving his bachelor of science in dance. He has trained with many artists/companies nationally and internationally for over eight years. Some of these include Bakalama Dance of Senegal and Deeply Rooted Dance Company. His dance training is rooted in African Diaspora dance, classical modern, and more contemporary movement approaches. He currently studying the philosophy, pedagogy, and theories of Katherine Dunham, in the process of receiving the Katherine Dunham teaching certification. He continues to establish a wholesome approach to dance education that includes cross-cultural communication. He is currently a dancer for Wellspring / Cori & Dancers and a teaching artist for Education for the Arts in Kalamazoo, MI.